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Enterprise tenet:establish business with integrity, benefit the society;

Entrepreneurial spirit:self-reliance, pragmatic innovation, harmony and win-win situation;
The self-reliance strives for strength, pragmatic wins development,  Innovation, transcendence, integrity, harmony and win-win. 

Core values:Cultivate people and promote enterprises, benefit the society;

Advocating human rights and developing human capabilities;
Achieve people's cause and realize industry return to the country;
Our value lies in improving the quality of life and enriching the connotation of life.
We carry the legend that the use granted by the company, employees and society is in harmony and progress together.

Business positioning:build the main advantages of the tire industry, build the tire industry brand!

Learning philosophy:Willing to think, good at learning, and sensitive to action;

The power of transcendence comes from innovation; the source of innovation is learning; going out and bringing in; learning from everyone who includes competitors; taking advantage of others and complementing others; learning, reflection, and action; success starts with gaining talent

Marketing and service concept:market and customer oriented, value and service as the core.

"Market and customer-oriented", a new marketing model integrating manufacturers and customers with "value" and "service" as the core, putting market demand first, providing customers with value-added value. Customers are transformed into Xingyuan's strategic partners.

Innovative concept:always one step ahead

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